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 Linda Schwartz – July Artist of the Month

LS1My love of art began at the age of 5 when, immediately after our apartment was freshly painted, I picked up a pencil and drew ice cream cones on the wall. I noticed that an upside down ice cream cone resembled a clown’s hat. Oh what fun! When my mother saw what I had done I thought she was crying out of joy that I was so talented. I later found out that she
was crying because it was not washable paint.

In 1977 I married my husband Richie and two years later we were blessed with our son, Steven. Although working full time and taking care of a house and family was overwhelming at times, I again started to dabble with painting. To my surprise, a portrait which I painted of my son, was exhibited at the Haverstraw Kings Daughter’s Library in Thiells, New York. Over
time some of my other paintings were exhibited on the walls of the Rockland County Legislature. I was humbled since my only formal “art lessons” were given by the wife of the owner of a paint and wallpaper store near where I lived and took place in a back room
inside of the store. Throughout the years I pursued different forms of art, from stained glass to watercolors to clay, with my crowning achievement being the eleven room dollhouse Richie and I built together. I spent four years working on it; Richie electrified the house and the walls are covered with miniature photos of our parents, grandparents and my great grandmother. I created a miniature painting with the help of magnification glasses. The house sits upon a lawn and has a beautiful tree in the front yard which I also created
using paper clay. Once completed, a feeling of sadness came over me, comparable to finishing a good book which you never want to end. My seven year old granddaughter redecorates every time she visits, rearranging the different pieces to fit her “style.”
After selling our house in New York and moving to Sun City three and a half years ago, I returned to my first love: painting. Not long after our move I joined the “All About Art Club,” which has been a wonderful experience for me. I enjoy Monday mornings at open studio; our members are all willing to give advice (whether you want it or not) and I always look forward to being with the friends I have made and the conversations which arise. Since joining the club I have completed many projects and find that if I am not in the
studio, I do very little painting. It has been a wonderful experience, being with friends whom are as passionate about art as I have become over the years.